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New course 2021

  Module One course starting 9th August until 12th August. Learn the basics of the Bowen technique over four ‘half days’. 4hours training per day in Gaziemir Izmir. Contact Ros for more information:

Spring 2021

    Sema, Marina Ros (instructor) Zuhal and Yvonne in  the front. Izmir’s four practioners met up on the 6th March to practise some of Module 9/SP1 on the first Saturday that people were...

Winter 2020-21

  What have we been doing during this pandemic year? Well here’s a happy group of Module One students – masked and unmasked! They started their Bowen journey in the heart of Istanbul’s Galatasaray...


January 2020 Ros holding a group introductory talk covering the many aspects of  Bowen   For more information please click the Contact  link