Ros Elliott-Özlek: Bowen Instructor

Ros Elliott-Özlek: Bowen Instructor



Ros has been working with Bowen since 2002, starting her training in London and qualifying as an instructor in 2011 for Australia’s Bowen Academy (BTAA), the Bowen Association UK (BAuk), and establishing the Turkish Bowen Association.

Since 2019 Ros has developed her Bowen skills working on scar tissue to remodel the fibrous tissue so that vital nutrients can once again flow through these ‘walls’ left by surgery, laparoscopy or injuries like torn muscles and bruising.

The results of such remodeling can often seem miraculous, with surface appearance and even deeper levels of fascia softening and affecting structures far away from the scar site – ‘frozen’ shoulders may suddenly release; carpal tunnel problems can disappear, and even problems with internal organs (such as ovaries, liver or kidneys) can heal overnight.

Ros currently works in Izmir but sometimes organises courses, therapy sessions and introductory talks in other cities – such as Istanbul, Ankara, AAntalya and Bodrum among others. Please see contact details.

Originally trained in London as a teacher OF ballet, modern dance and music, (Dip. LCDD; ARCM clarinet; BA Hons), Ros then trained as a Benesh choreologist (Dip. BMN), leading to her position in Ankara, Turkey to build the Choreology Department for Hacettepe University’s State Conservatoire. She has been teaching Yoga for nearly 30 years (Dip. British School of Yoga).

“My training as a teacher in Dance, Music and Choreology ran alongside a deep interest in health and healing injuries, and I trained as a Bowen Therapist after becoming a Yoga Therapy teacher.   

I helped out at osteopathy/acupuncture/health clinics during my student days and have also studied other forms of healing such as  Reiki, Distant Healing, Homeopathy, Herbalism and Massage.  

Recently I have started to use Iridology Iris assessment of the eyes to help in assessing clients’ issues, having only used Iridology and naturopathy on myself since 1987. 

I find Bowen invaluable in treating patients from all walks of life.”

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